BlackBerry PlayBook Price and Release Date Leaked: Release set between 24th& 30th April with a price tag of $499.99 (16GB WiFI-Only Models)

February 14, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

If you are keeping up with the latest in the tablet world (which is a task in itself), then RIM has already offered 4 versions of the BlackBerry PlayBook for us. There is the WIFi only and the WiFI+ WiMax models which we already knew about. Today we heard about the LTE and HSPA+ versions. While RIM already made it clear that their PlayBook models would start from $500 price range, we now have the confirmation for that via a leak (yes, a bit ironic!)

According to the leak that came in the way of a screenshot from Office Depot, the WiFi Only models of the PlayBook will be available off-contract for $499.99 and the release is slated for ‘week 17’ of 2011. That translates to seeing the WiFi-only PlayBook in stores between 24th to 30th April. So, we now have the release date and price of one model set; three to go.

The WiFi+WiMax model should be out around the same time while the LTE and HSPA+ devices are slated for launch in second half of 2011. Seems like RIM is doing all it can to give something for everyone. The big question though is, Will it attract customers beyond those already on BlackBerry Smartphones? What do you think?

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