Valentine’s Day Google Doodle: Celebrate with greetings, chocolates, gifts & more!

February 13, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Of course above all, you need to celebrate the day with lots of love. But while you are making special plans for your Valentine’s Day, Google has added a bit of a romantic tinge to your web search needs with another Google Doodle. Just a few days back we had the Thomas Edison Doodle and now is the time to feel the love, even in the net waves, with the brand new Doodle.

This one looks like a scarlet box of chocolates that has heart shaped goodies inside. Not literally, but it looks a bit like all those gifts that fly around on V-Day. Click on it and you will see search results for ‘Valentine’s Day’ and in case you are hazy about the history behind the day, you can brush up as well.

There probably will be many out there today searching for greetings, late gift ideas, cooking recipes and even few romantic quotes. So, here is Google’s way of wishing them all and everyone else a very Happy Valentine’ Day!

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