Samsung 10.1-inch Honeycomb Tablet coming out the same day as the Galaxy S 2 at MWC: Rumors confirmed as we await price & release details

February 12, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

We did tell you earlier about the rumors that Samsung was planning on pulling the lid off of a 10.1-inch Honeycomb tablet at the MWC. Now we can say for certain that Samsung will indeed unveil this tablet at the MWC starting Monday in an attempt to take on the Motorola Xoom. The confirmation comes from the same source that earlier leaked the high-resolution image of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 to be on display in Barcelona.

For those who missed the earlier news bit, Samsung are planning to unleash a 10.1-inch Honeycomb Tablet to face-off against Motorola Xoom and the imminent release of the iPad 2. Here is a list of features of the Tablet to be showcased at MWC:

  • 10.1-inch screen
  • Smaller than the iPad, but a larger display
  • Smaller & lighter than the Galaxy Tab
  • Dual-core Qualcomm processor
  • 8-Megapixel rear camera
  • Honeycomb OS

While some are already calling it the Galaxy Tab 2, we cannot confirm the name as of yet. Of course, no matter what you want to call it, the specs remain the same and so does the date of its world premiere. Now, all we need to do is wait for a couple of more days before we get the full specs, price details and possibly even an official release date. Maybe we will get those in a leak as well!

Do join us on Monday for our Live Coverage of MWC 2011 from Barcelona as we look at all the latest releases from Samsung and a lot more.

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