Nokia Windows Phone Concepts Leaked?

February 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you thought that Nokia/Microsoft news was hitting saturation point, there’s more: concept images have been released of how a Nokia mobile running Windows Phone 7 might look, and the results are pretty tasty…

Nokia Windows Phone concepts leaked?

Revealed at Engadget, the images reveal what appear to be typical Nokia handsets in a variety of colours each wielding the Windows Phone operating system. Although currently nothing more than mock-ups, these phones nevertheless seem to fulfill what most commentators have been expecting from the pairing – hot devices powered by the unique Windows Phone OS and easy to use Metro user interface.

In addition to the quality of the handset build, don’t forget the likelihood that Windows Phone’s will get the onboard cameras that they deserve with this collaboration – while Sony Ericsson continue to avoid Windows Phone (for obvious reasons) the chances of a decent camera with a respectable MP specification and good camera software are minimal.

But with Nokia building the handsets we get the prospect of Carl Zeiss lenses and Xenon flashes – a particularly attractive prospect for any potential Windows Phone buyer who hasn’t yet made the change.

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