New Browser for Windows Phone 7?

February 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Windows Phone 7 is currently equipped with Internet Explorer Mobile a browser based on the main Internet Explorer 7 release – but recent reports suggest that a version of Internet Explorer 9 will be heading to Microsoft’s new mobile platform as part of the Mango upgrade in late 2011.

New browser for Windows Phone?

While most of us continue to await some performance improvement and the addition of copy and paste as part of the NoDo update – the date of release of which might be announced at the Mobile World Conference this week – the Mango update is considered the one to watch out for.

Considered the first major update to Windows Phone 7, Mango will deliver the mobile release of Internet Explorer 9 and bring with it HTML5 support to the mobile platform. Despite this superb news – the power of HTML5 is something that is barely touched upon – an interesting addendum is that the release may not include support for Silverlight within the browser. At present there is also still no official word as to when Flash support will be introduced to Windows Phone.

The Mango update might also introduce new Twitter integration with the Windows Phone People Hub, while Microsoft might well use the Mobile World Congress event to announce a new minimum hardware requirement for futrue Windows Phone devices.

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