More Nintendo 3DS Accessories

February 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Are you ready for the Nintendo 3DS? Many game and hardware manufacturers are, with CTA Digital becoming the latest to join a growing list of accessory providers for the new handheld gaming system set to take 2011 by storm!

Nintendo 3DS accessories

While you might be completely tied up in your new portable 3D gaming system following its release in March, there will be plenty of accessories to choose from such as color-coordinated cases and starter kits to charging docks, speakers and retractable pens. Protection from scratches comes in the form of silicone skins and plastic or metal shells featuring cutouts for controls, the 3D camera and any ports that might be in use.

They really do seem to have thought of everything, with accessory backs available supplying a basic kit to a full on 22-in-1 pack featuring protection and cases as well as car and USB power adapter, a Euro travel plug and the expected additional choices of styluses, neck straps, tote bags and 3DS game cases.

CTA also provide handgrips to hold your Nintendo 3DS as well as a cartridge case for games and SD cards, as well as two docking stations, one with a speaker or one without.

Find out more about this great selection of accessories at, while major outlets such as Amazon will be stocking these accessories in advance of the worldwide launch of what looks set to be the biggest mobile games platform yet!

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