Facebook Shunting Google Out of Social Network

February 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This could be the culmination of the blows the two web giants – Facebook and Google – have been exchanging for quite a while now.  Social networking major Facebook has decided to entirely shut Google out of their social network. The former demands its app-developers to use only in-app advertising from approved vendors other than Google, it appears.

We have not yet forgotten what had happened last year. Google made the most surprising move by blocking Facebook from being able to import contacts from new users’ Gmail accounts – that too all of a sudden. The feud took the worst turn when both of the entities poached one another’s employees and bid against each other for important strategic acquisitions.

Well, in the latest move, Google has not been specified. But two of their major properties namely – Adsense and Double Click – have been mentioned by the largest social networking site.

In fact, these combine to form basically the largest advertising force in the web world. Facebook app developers have been informed that they will get time until February 28th to change their ways. Else, their apps may get booted.

Allison Hendrix, member of the Facebook app verification team has made it clear that if the ad provider of the app-developer is not on the list provided by Facebook, they may contact the ad-provider to determine whether they want to sign the newly laid terms.

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