Convert Movie Clips with Free Video Converter

February 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’re like me, you might wonder if there just too many different video file formats in circulation. You might have a decent MPEG4 player on your PC or mobile device, but have you got a way to view 3GP files or any other file format created by mobile phone cameras?

Generally speaking copying these types of file to your computer can lead to problems, often with missing sound, so the best solution to find a file converter application that doesn’t cost 10x more than you have in your pocket. What you need is something that you’ll probably only use once or twice, so paying $30 or more is hardly cost effective.

Luckily there are more and more free utilities available, such as

Convert movie clips with Free Video Converter

Preparing for Files for use with Free Video Converter

Thanks to the Download link found on the page linked to above, you can download the 22 MB installer file and prepare to use the aptly-named Free Video Converter.

Note that the installer includes an option to install the latest version of RealPlayer – you can opt to skip this however. Once installed, you will be able to launch Free Video Converter from the installer wizard window, and the application console will be presented to you, ready to use.

As you will notice straightaway, Free Video Converter is particularly suited to converting files from mobile devices – in fact it can handle the following formats:

  • avi,
  • asf,
  • mov,
  • rm,
  • rmvb,
  • flv,
  • mkv,
  • mpg,
  • 3gp,
  • m4v,
  • vob

Additionally the utility also converts to wide variety of video formats including AVI, MPG, WMV, and many more.

When you’re ready to use Free Video Converter, ensure the video files are present on your PC – if not, use your usual sync software to copy them from your mobile device onto your PC.

Using Free Video Converter

To begin using Free Video Converter, first select Add Video to find the video clip that you want to convert. Browse for this and select it to return to the main view, where you should see the video clip listed with a check in the box on the left.

One the right-hand side, look for Output Profile – this drop-down menu will let you choose a new output profile, defaulting to a format based on the input file (the clip you are converting). For instance a 3GP file will be converted by default to an MPEG-4 file unless you use the drop-down menu to choose otherwise.

When you’re ready to convert the file, click Convert. Note that you can add several clips to be converted and Free Video Converter will run through them all in turn.

Once the video clip has been converted, the utility will display the folder in which the output file has been saved to, ready for you to play.

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