AT&T offers 1000 free minutes to its iPhone 4 customers: Thanks for not jumping on to Verizon Wireless despite constant dropped calls!

February 12, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

AT&T will tell you that they are just thanking their customers for choosing their network and are rewarding the loyalty with free minutes. But in short, this is AT&T desperately trying to hold on to its iPhone users as they try to ensure that they do not jump ship. We will have to wait and see if all these goodies offered by AT&T now will tempt people to continue with the carrier despite the high rate of dropped calls.

Either way this is good news for AT&T iPhone 4 users. AT&T is sending the ‘1000 free minutes’ SMS right now and you can rest assured that it is indeed a legitimate offer from the company. There really are no strings attached and conditions applied. In case you have not yet got the message, just SMS “Yes” to 11113020 and you will receive your 1000 free minutes.

It was just a little while ago that AT&T allowed its iPhone 4 customers to get back to the unlimited plan in a attempt to lure people away from Verizon. While we did not see long lines at the Verizon stores on release day, the shift from AT&T may come gradually as people could be just waiting for their current contracts to come to an end.

No matter what the reason, AT&T is trying all it can to compete with Verizon Wireless and while free stuff only works for that long, might as well enjoy what you get your way. Another example of how competition is good for the consumer…

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