Windows Phone to Hit Nokia: Confirmed

February 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The rumour-mongering and speculation is now finally over – at least as far as this stage of an interesting marriage is concerned. Nokia has confirmed that they intend to partner with Microsoft in the mobile phone marketplace, with the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer planning to ship smartphones running Windows Phone.

Microsoft & Nokia team up confirmed

Future Nokia smartphones will feature the Bing search service as with all Windows Phones, while Nokia Maps might well replace Bing Maps either on the Nokia phones or on all Windows Phones.

Interestingly this doesn’t mean the complete end of Symbian, however, which will apparently become a “franchise platform” – although it isn’t clear at this stage exactly how that will work. Despite Nokia’s share of the smartphone market falling from 38% to 28% in 2010, Nokia still expect to ship 150 million more Symbian phones.

But clearly the focus has to be on survival, something that Nokia have looked to Microsoft to provide. As you may have read, Android were probably never really a likely candidate given Nokia chief Stephen Elop’s history with Microsoft. The Finnish phone manufacturer’s habit of making quality devices that are let down by an aging OS should now be brought to an end, although it’s unlikely any Nokia Windows Phones will be seen before 2010.

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