Verizon offers HP Pre 2 for $100 starting February 17: Pre-Orders now open even as many await Pre 3

February 11, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

HP Pre 2 is now open for pre-order on Verizon Wireless and they are offering you the handset for a contract price of $100. So, you are pretty much locking yourself into a two-year deal and while you can always take a new handset, it seems that this is one way of selling the Pre 2 before the promised HP Pre 3 hits the shelves.

For those willing to pay for the HP Pre 2 without a contract (which would be a real brave thing to do), you would need to shell out good $450 for it. In case you are not familiar with the Pre 2, it sports a Touchscreen and a slide-out QWERTY Keypad. With WebOS 2.0 on the inside, this might not be the mobile that is cutting edge in the Smartphone you are after, but it might just be enough for some out there.

While the contract price might look tempting, we suggest you wait a bit longer for the Pre 3 to arrive and look around as well before pocketing this deal. Unless you really want a HP Pre mobile within the next few days and nothing else will do, this is an offer that you would be wise to take a pass on. That is our take though and maybe you will still buy the Pre 2 from Verizon. Interested anyone?

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