Nokia-WP7 vs Google-Android vs Apple iOS: Who Will Rule the Mobile World?

February 11, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The big news today comes in from London and it is the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft that sees Windows Phone 7 as the ‘major platform’ for future handsets from the Finnish giants. This is a tie-up that should benefit both Microsoft and Nokia immensely as Nokia’s hardware and design along with Microsoft’s ability to provide a capable mobile OS makes it a winning combination. So, with the battle lines in the Smartphone wars redrawn, who will emerge on top?

The other contenders for the top spot in the mobile world today are Google with its Android OS and Apple with its iOS. There is no doubt that Google has gained immense popularity in the last year or so thanks to Android. With its smartphone market share growing at a rapid pace and an android app store in place, Google seem to be a pretty heavy contender for the throne.

Apple are still the big boys with all the glitz and glam. Whatever they do with their iOS and Apple iPhone series is hot news and sought after property. With a very strong set up in the form of the iTunes Store to support its platform, Apple currently is ahead of the pack. They have design, cool factor and apps going for them.

The Microsoft-Nokia deal though has really sprung a pleasant surprise as it integrates Microsoft’s brilliant software capabilities with Nokia’s hardware magic. Bringing the best of both worlds together should only see some innovative and cutting-edge smartphones take shape in the future. But they do lack the support of an extensive and established App Store at this point.

So, who will rule the mobile world in say, 2015? It could very well be the apps that are on offer which could be the deciding factor, apart from the usual specs and features. But what we do see is a great time ahead for mobile lovers as competition should see better handsets with greater features and capability being released at smarter prices.

Where do your loyalties now lie? Is it Google – Android or Nokia – WP7 or Apple – iOS for you?

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