Nokia to still release MeeGo Smartphone in 2011: Nokia’s Open Source Mobile OS to remain intact despite agreement with Microsoft

February 11, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

If you feared for MeeGo after the announcement today, which saw Nokia and Microsoft join hands on the mobile platform front, then you can relax. Despite Nokia announcing that they will make WP7 as their primary Smartphone platform, they also clearly stated that MeeGo is here to stay. Nokia have made it clear that the WP7 on their future mobiles will not affect the launch of MeeGo devices.

Nokia’s Jo Harlow cleared the air on the subject by stating that MeeGo was a completely different project and its progress will in no way be slowed down thanks to the new tie-in with Microsoft. While Windows Phone 7 will remain the OS for which Nokia will produce majority of its smartphones, they will still roll out the MeeGo devices as per their previous plans.

Nokia had talked earlier about how strongly they backed MeeGo as an open source mobile OS. They are investing in MeeGo as a long-run project which will give Nokia a complete mobile platform for Nokia o function with sometime in the future. So, the first MeeGo handset is still set for a launch later this year and while MeeGo has survived, this is surely the end f the road for Symbian.

They will continue to offer support to Symbian users, but no more high-end Symbian phones now on. Are you happy about the prospect of WP7 on future Nokia devices? Waiting for MeeGo?

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