Nokia Microsoft partnership over WP7 revealed to the world: Watch the death of Symbian unfold! (Video Inside)

February 11, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

This is the end of the road for Nokia’s Symbian. With Nokia and Microsoft joining hands over mobile OS platform, it will be now the dawn of Windows Phone 7 on Nokia Smartphones. That obviously is the big news of the day and for those who wish to watch this (might be historic) event, here is the video of the announcement made by Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop.

The announcement in London has changed the dynamics of Smartphone market considerably with the new partnership making both Microsoft and Nokia stronger than before. Of course, this also means that we have seen the last of Symbian. While Nokia will continue support for Symbian users over the next few years, it will be phased out gradually.

As far as MeeGo goes, it will continue to take shape and evolve as Nokia set long term goals for MeeGo development and its devices. So, in case you wish to watch the ‘death knell’ for Symbian and the end of an era that saw Nokia’s supremacy (all on its own, from the heart of Finland), then here is the YouTube Video for you

Excited about seeing WP7 on Nokia?

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