Motorola Xoom & HTC Thunderbolt 4G prices & release date confirmed by Best Buy Leak: Xoom to hit Best Buy stores on February 24th for $799!

February 11, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

If you have not read our earlier report about the HTC Thunderbolt 4G or missed the last Best Buy leak, then here is another chance to catch up. Another leak from ‘Best Buy’ that not only re-confirmed the release date and price tag of the HTC Thunderbolt 4G on Verizon, but also ensured that the details of Motorola Xoom were out as well. By this point we are starting to wonder if we should call these carefully crafted and purposefully distributed information ‘leaks’ at all. Well, either way, here are the details for both the Xoom & Thunderbolt on Best Buy.

As indicated by the previous leak, HTC Thunderbolt 4G will be coming to Best Buy on February 24 with a $749 price tag attached. That is in case you wish to buy the handset outright and do not want to sign on the two-year contract offered by Verizon. If you are willing to sign on the dotted line then you will have to part with $249, which seems a lot better than buying the handset outright.

Coming to the much talked-about Motorola Xoom, it will come to Best Buy on the same day as the HTC Thunderbolt 4G- February 24th again. Best Buy seems to be pretty confident that it will have the Xoom in store and ready for sale by then. And the latest sensation in the tablet world will set you back by $799 and there are no rebates or discounts on this one.

You will also need to subscribe to a one-month data plan in order to unlock the Wi-Fi on the Xoom. Something that was also expected earlier and which will set you back by another $20. Now that the release date and prices are as good as official, are you ready for February 24? Will you mark the day down in your calendar and get the Xoom or Thunderbolt right away?

Via: BGR

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