Jet Set Willy for iPhone!

February 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

It rarely gets more retro than this – cult classic platform collect-em-up Jet Set Willy is heading to iOS devices from next week!

Jet Set Willy for iPhone!

The 1984 title by Matthew Smith which first saw the light of day on the ZX Spectrum system before heading to all other 8-bit devices (not forgetting some 16-bit cash-ins conversions as well) is being published by Elite Systems to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad this month, with additional TV-out and keyboard support also being thrown into the mix!

It isn’t clear yet whether this functionality will be available at launch or in later updates but the game will take advantage of the Apple TV-Out connection with a compatible cable – a feature restricted to iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod Touch devices. Available as a standalone title for just  £1.19 (Euro1.59, US$1.99), Jet Set Willy will also be available at a later date as an in-app purchase in the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection / HD release.

One thing is for certain – if this image is anything to go by, Elite Systems want you to enjoy your iOS device as an emulator that easily hooks up to a TV or monitor!

To find these titles on iTunes, just search the store for “zx”!

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