iPhone Nano priced around $200 could be Apple’s next big thing: Reduced price & dual chip support as in rumored iPhone 5 could steal Android market share!

February 11, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

When you look at that potential price tag of $200, remember that it is the possible price of the iPhone Nano without any contracts attached. That no doubt already swings the pendulum in a huge way compared to many Android handsets that come at the same cost after a two-year contract and huge discount.

Of course, Apple in no way has announced that they are planning an iPhone Nano, but, those close to them indicate that it is a possibility after Android devices have captured substantial market share with their relative low price compared to the iPhone 4. This does seem to make sense as many feel that they need to turn to Android or WP7 because the iPhone 4 is out of their price-range.

With the iPhone Nano though, Apple could woo all those customers who previously turned away from them. Even the earlier talked about dual-chip support (both CDMA & GSM) is being suggested to ensure that both AT&T and Verizon users probably end up getting the same deals. There were reports a few months back that speculated about dual-chip capability being incorporated into the iPhone 5, so this should not be too difficult to achieve.

But remember how Jobs hated the idea of a 7-inch tablet and made it clear that size does matter? Maybe he was only talking about tablets and not Smartphone screens! Would you like to see an iPhone Nano? We sure would like to see one come out some time soon…

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