HP TouchPad Priced at $699 and set for a June Release, indicate rumors: Most likely two-months too late & $200 too much to compete with Apple iPad 2?

February 11, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

We do not wish to write obituaries based on speculation and rumors, but if the HP TouchPad is indeed going to hit the markets in June 2011 and will carry a price tag of $699, then it is a hard to see how it will appeal to masses. Sure, those hooked on WebOS might still wait a bit longer and could be willing to pay $700 for the TouchPad, but most others might just get on with things by taking home an entry-level iPad 2.

While the HP has tried to price the TouchPad aggressively and hence it comes at $100 less than the Motorola Xoom, there is still a 4 month head start for the Xoom. By the time the Touchpad is out, even Xoom could cut back on its price and still beat HP to the punch. This probably will put HP in a tough spot despite the apparent $100 difference in the TouchPad-Xoom that might seem big as of now.

As far as trying to beat Apple in the tablet market goes, it will take a lot more than HP TouchPad at this point to get that job done. With an entry level iPad 2 most likely to be priced around $499 and set to hit consumers much before the TouchPad, maybe the Xoom & Playbook have a better chance at giving Apple a run for its money. Still interested in the HP TouchPad?

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