Apple iOS 4.2.6 Update with Bug-Fixes for Verizon iPhone 4 Available

February 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Verizon iPhone has rolled out of Verizon outlets. There have been good lines in front of each store all day. As if to add to the charm, Apple has now outed their iOS version 4.2.6 update for the device, and comes laden with bug fixes that promise Personal Hotspot data usage.

The update is now available and comes with a Personal Hotspot WiFi tethering plan, which will give your phone support of up to five WiFi devices. Apple is making the update available for an extra $20 a month for 2GB of tethered data. The company has said that each additional gigabyte used will cost $20.

All Verizon iPhone 4 users need to get the update is head for iTunes and make it yours.  The speedy deliver of the update brings to focus speculations of possible billing errors that could have happened in the absence of the bug fixes. Now that the update has come through users need to not be wary of such a situation.

Remember Verizon is not alien to such bad billing practices. Back in 2009 the carrier had been pulled up by the FCC for an instance of such billing – users had been slapped with a fee of $1.99 for each hit on the Wireless Mobile Web button on Verizon phones.

The carrier also had begun refunding close to $90 million to customers owning to erroneous “data usage” charges that had been coming about. Apple and Verizon don’t feel like earning such bad reputation anymore. The fast iOS version 4.2.6 update explains this.

Guys at Apple Insider tell us that the update is actually live. And, we guess there aren’t hassles on billing anymore. Verizon iPhone 4 users, tell us if you have already got the update.

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