Verizon iPhone 4 gets stylish rechargeable battery case from Mophie: Juice Air Pack doubles battery life of your latest Apple gadget

February 10, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

There might be a few others that have already rolled out ‘rechargeable battery case’ designs for the new Verizon iPhone4. But if you are looking for a familiar big name in Apple accessories, then Mophie have just tweaked their already known and loved ‘AT&T iPhone battery case’ to ensure that it now works for Verizon as well. The Juice Air Pack is now out to double your Verizon iPhone’s battery life.

Available for $79.95, you can now charge and sync with the Juice Air Pack on your iPhone as there is a new port to support the feature. There is the obvious, sleek and stylish design that also offers protection for your new iPhone and the 1500mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery ensures that your mobile’s battery life is as good as doubled.

An integrated LED indicator allows you to use the ‘juice in the case’ only when your iPhone’s battery is drained completely. If you have seen the rechargeable battery case that AT&T users have been using since long, then there are few surprises here. The same design tweaked for better look, performance and usability.

So, are you getting one for your Verizon iPhone 4? Prefer something else?

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