Notion Ink Adam Tablet Orders Go for the Second Round; Leap to Honeycomb Soon

February 10, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The most recent post on Notion Ink official blog says that the ‘next round of orders have started’ for Adams and that ‘emails are being sent right now’. That is indeed something to party, right? A lot of order-invite mails are on their way to the future owners of Adam. Though the list is big, they are gradually carrying it out.

Apart from the news that the next round of ordering is kicking off, the post from Notion Ink CEO tells us some interesting points about the Adams tab. One among them is that Adam which currently sports Android 2.2 with borrowed components from Gingerbread will never have a Gingerbread update. Instead, it will migrate directly to Honeycomb in the future.

Though it is a thing to celebrate that it will have a direct upgrade to Honeycomb, the post tells another thing which is not something to celebrate so much. It clearly points out that Adams will not have any access to Android market.

Since Android market features apps mainly meant for phones, Adam being a tablet will have no access to it. But it won’t be a vexing issue as time rolls. We have already seen tab specific applications meant for Galaxy Tab. We are also not so clear about Google plans about tablet apps.

If you have already made up your mind about getting your hands on Adams as soon as possible, you may move faster since the order placements are done on first come first serve basis. Meanwhile, you may read our review of the device here.

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