Motorola CliqXT & Many Others Not to Get Android Updates Anymore

February 10, 2011, By Leo Xavier

We have some disappointing news for those who own Android phones from Motorola. The company has added latest information officially about the schedule of the Android updates for several of its models.

With this announcement, it has become clear that many low-end and mid-range android phones from Motorola which emerged in markets earlier like Cliq XT won’t be getting OS updates.

There are quite a number of Android models that will stick with the present version of their Android OS. Charm MB502 will remain on its Android 2.1 while CliqXT will stick to the ancient Android 1.5.

The other models to join the league include Devour A555 which will have nothing but its Android 1.6 version forever. Flipout MB511 users will have to satisfy with its Android 2.1 version while Milestone XT720 and QA854 share the same fate. To add one more to the league, i1 will remain on Android 1.5.

Well, it’s usual that gadgets die down after a period without essential upgrades and supports. But Motorola is notorious for its inconsistency in providing necessary updates in time.

However this news is already bringing in harsh criticism to Motorola support. It will be really horrible for the owners of the above models to live in a world where everybody talks about a possible migration to ‘Honeycomb’ or ‘Icecream’.

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