iPhone 5 might offer Angry Birds in 3D: Will next-gen Apple iPhones sport 3D gaming capability?

February 10, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

3D platform is growing at a rapid pace with every second major Hollywood flick out these days carrying the ‘3D’ tag. But bringing it to mobile devices and other gaming platforms requires lot more work, both in terms of the hardware and software available currently. But there is news going around that Apple could just tweak its iPhone 5 display in time to provide for 3D gaming experience. The report points to Angry Birds in 3D on the iPhone 5!

Of course, of this might seem wishful thinking at this point of time, but brick shattering and feather hurling frenzy would be all the more awesome on a 3D iPhone. Remember that it was just few days ago that Angry Birds made it onto Wii and the Nintendo 3DS. But while Rovio might be able to adjust with the 3D change quick enough, there are still huge question marks on Apple’s ability to add 3D so soon to the iPhone.

While on one hand Apple has been filing for patents on various 3D glasses (most of which might never see daylight), it remains to be seen if the technology materializes anytime soon. There is talk of Apple trying out a method which combines images picked up by the camera, gyroscope and motion sensors to create 3D effect.

But this seems more like a project still deep in development and far from ready for public use. We will have to wait and see though as Apple could spring a surprise or two on the internet community which has a tendency to believe that they know it all! Angry Birds in 3D on iPhone- we love the idea, what about you?

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