Ford Active Park Assistant in Ford Focus Takes Away the Tension of Parallel Parking (Video)

February 10, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever bumped onto the nearest vehicle while trying to squeeze your car into a cramped parallel parking lot? May be it is the only instance when you sincerely wish if your car to be a tiny one. Well, now Ford has indeed put some intelligence into some of its machines to help you in the parking circus. The active park assistant feature in the new Ford machines takes away the tension of parallel parking, since the car can do it without you twisting your arms on the wheel.

It’s as simple as pressing a button on the panel in front of you. Once you press it, the ultrasonic sensors on the rear and front of the vehicle sense and calculate the available space and the optimal steering wheel angles thus guiding the vehicle safely into a parallel parking lot.

Well, it’s a sort of human machine collaboration, since the system will be controlling the electronic steering wheel only. The gas and brake pedals will be in the control of the driver. Moreover, the driver can intervene at any point and control the steering wheel. The feature also includes visual or audible driver interfaces which can advice the driver about the proximity of other vehicles and other objects.

Ford claims its technology improves the fuel economy up to 5 percent while helping to reduce CO2 emission. Moreover, it never goes for an impossibly tight parking space since the sensors never do the math wrongly.

The active park assistant is now available in a range of Ford machines like Ford Focus, Explorer, Escape, Flex, Lincoln MKS and Lincoln MKT only. But Ford is planning to fit it on 90 percent of their vehicles by 2012. Now, just check the clip below to see how beautifully the park assistant works with a cute Ford Focus.

Here’s a video posted by guys at ElectricPig on YouTube:

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