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February 9, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Browsers store pretty much all aspects of our online lives, from our browsing history to email addresses saved into web forms. Yet changing computer, operating system or browsing device can be a difficult experience, resulting in the building up of a new list of favourite bookmarks.

While there are some services that help get around this, Opera 11 provides a more universal approach in the shape of Opera Link, a tool designed to synchronize bookmarks, Speed Dial, notes and other data that you might want to share from your main desktop browser with other computers and mobile devices.

A great feature here is the ability to sync your bookmarks so that they are available anywhere whenever you go online.

Sync bookmarks with Opera Link

Enable Opera Synchronization

In order to take advantage of this service, open Opera and go to Tools > Synchronize Opera > Enable Synchronization – this will start a wizard that you can use to setup the Opera Link.

After clicking Next, you will need to create an Opera account; alternatively enter your existing details in the I already have an account button. Once you are logged in with a new or existing account, you will see the Synchronization Options screen; here you can select the type of data items that you want to sync.

Note that some personal identifiable information can be transmitted in this way, so don’t use this feature if you suspect that details might be somehow misused. Once you’re happy with the selection of items that you have chosen – and you might only want to sync the bookmarks – click Finish. At this point your data will be synced with Opera’s servers.

Access Your Bookmarks via MyOpera

With your account setup you will be able to access your bookmarks via, a useful online home for all Opera browser users where information can be shared and learned, and where you can start a blog, upload photos and invite friends.

These functions are secondary to the bookmarks, however, which can be accessed via[username]/account/link/bookmarks. Here you can click on your bookmarks in the browser window and they will open for you, wherever you are logged in.

However there is more to Opera Link than just a web-based version of your favourite bookmarks – the system can also be used to link up with a mobile device, enabling you to share your desktop favourites with your mobile browser.

Mobile Browsing with Opera Link

Thanks to the Opera Link service you can share your favourite bookmarks with a mobile device, mainly via the mobile version of the Opera browser. For instance the Opera Mobile Web Browser for Android (available from the Android Market or via will allow syncing with Opera Link, as will the iPhone version of the browser. Meanwhile Windows Phone 7 doesn’t yet have an Opera browser, but it does have a free Opera Link for WP7 app to sync your favourites to the phone.

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