iPlayer Coming to Android (2.2)

February 9, 2011, By Christian Cawley

British Android users rejoice – an official BBC iPlayer app for the platform is on its way, as long as you have an Android 2.2 device and Flash 10.1.

BBC iPlayer to hit Android 2.2 devices

It’s a curious choice for the minimum spec given the number of handsets that are already available and using an iPlayer app without Flash (cough-iPhone-cough) and as a result a lot of Android users are understandably up in arms. It seems that the BBC (in their wisdom) offer two streams – one for iOS devices and one for Android, Nokia and others.

While it might seem that the United Kingdom’s public service broadcaster favours Apple hardware over any other, this is something that they have clearly refuted on many occasions, although decisions such as this won’t do much to change that opinion.

For those of you not in the UK and engaging in a synchronised “Meh…” there’s good news – the app will support international users as soon as the international service is launched later this year. On offer is likely to be a host of popular BBC shows, which may or may not include the extremely popular series like Doctor Who and EastEnders as these are available to watch on TV in many countries – instead many archive titles are expected, such as Michael Palin travelogues and current documentaries and music broadcasts.

Watch out for the BBC iPlayer app hitting the Android Market in the near future.

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