Deleting History in Opera 11

February 9, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The popular web browser Opera includes various interesting features such as the Speed Dial function and Mouse Gestures for browsing the web, and in addition to these features all of the things you would expect in a modern web browser – particularly security settings.

These settings – from a password manager to a blocked content tool – can be found via various menus in Opera, and each offers a different degree of protection against online threats and maintaining the privacy of your data.

Deleting History in Opera 11

Deleting History in Opera 11

The most obvious security tool is the management of your internet history, cookies, cached files and passwords, and these can all be managed and deleted via Tools > Delete Private Data….

The resulting dialogue box will display a list of items you can delete or clear, such as cookies, download history, the time a bookmark was opened. Meanwhile the Manage Cookies… button can be used to delete specific cookies from particular websites and the Manage Passwords… button performs a similar task with any website passwords that you might have stored.

With your chosen options ticked in the Delete Private Data screen, all you need do is click Delete in order to remove the data.

However this is only the tip of the iceberg of data management and privacy options in Opera 11.

Other Opera 11 Security Tools

Several other security tools are available in Opera 11 that make the task of maintaining your privacy and control of the browser easy.

Blocking Popups – if you’re not a fan of websites that “pop-up” in front of the web page (or even “pop-under” in the background, out of site until you close your browser) the popup blocker can help. Available via Tools > Preferences > General, you can choose to open pop-ups, force them into the background, or block them.

Forms – via Tools > Preferences > Forms you can specify certain information that you would like to be used to populate forms, as well as access the Password Manager. When you visit a website requesting form data, Opera will auto-populate the form based on the data provided here.

Security Management – Opera 11 users can manage just how the browser is used via Tools > Preferences > Advanced; in the History section you can manage the number of pages that are held as well as the size of the disk cache (used to speed up browsing), while the Cookies section allows you to block cookies, accept them under certain conditions or even delete cookies when the browser is closed. Additionally, the Security section allows you to Set Master Password… for protecting your website passwords, and on the same view you can Enable Fraud and Malware Protection and add to the list of Trusted Websites….

Finally you can block websites via Tools > Advanced > Blocked Content, where the Add button can be used to specify websites that will not be opened in Opera 11.

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