Huawei Ideos X3 Smartphone & S7 Slim Tablet Head for MWC; Pictures Showcased

February 8, 2011, By Leo Xavier

It’s usual for all expos to trigger leaks and new launches in their immediate vicinity. We have seen all the drama at the CES and now it’s time for Mobile World Congress. With just a few days to kick off, MWC is already confirmed as a hot destination for product launches by many big players. Jumping onto the bandwagon, Huawei has also hinted that they are going to put up a good show at MWC also, as they did at CES.

The Flickr stream of Huawei now showcases the stuff they will reveal at MWC. The pack comes with Ideos X3-the new smartphone from Huawei and S7 Slim – the new tablet earlier announced to be launched at MWC.

To keep the game warm, Huawei has not elaborated on the specs of these devices, except what they show us in the pictures. Ideos X3 is a cute smartphone in its looks and is available in at least four shades – red, blue, silver and black. They seem to sport cameras both on rear and front. Well, it seems to be a Gingerbread device.

Coming to the new tablet story, this stuff is dubbed as S7 slim and will be sporting Honeycomb, if we go by the unconfirmed reports. In the teaser pics available, it seems to be a seven inch tab, we may hope for a bigger one.

Well, that’s what they tell us from Huawei. We are impatient as you are, to know more about their MWC plans. Stay tuned, we shall bring the news as soon as possible.

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