White iPhone 4 making its way onto Best Buy with a price tag of $599.99: Retailers ready with the tags for the long awaited Apple device

February 7, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The White iPhone will be with us sooner than later and more than a few reports in the past week or so have indicated the same. First it was Co-Founder of Apple Steve Wozniak who said that they were already being shipped and are ready to make their way out. Then it was a source from Vodafone UK that confirmed that the White iPhone 4 would be hitting stores in Europe in March. Now Best Buy seems set to go ahead with its February 27 date for the white Apple iPhone 4.

The evidence on offer now seems to indicate that the last week of this month is a good enough guess on the release of the White iPhone 4 into the market. This after tags for the mobile are already being printed and put in place with shelf space being reserved for the sought after device.

This also confirmed to us the off-contract price of the white handset from Apple and that seems to be pretty much same as the one for the black iPhone 4 we are well acquainted with. You can buy the white iPhone 4 for $599.99 without any contract attached and that means that those coming with a two year contract from AT&T and Verizon should also have the same price as the ones in Black currently in market.

Looks like even ‘The Source’ up in Canada is doing the exact same thing as of now and all this points to the February 27 release date. So, ready for the latest Apple goody?

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