Man Stabbed Over a Game Boy Dispute in New Jersey

February 7, 2011, By Christian Davis

Last May, someone was stabbed over a stolen Game Boy that ended up being fatal. There was a guilty plea shortly after and the guy ended up with a 5 1/2 year jail sentence.

John Rosa was the assailant in the stabbing and pleaded guilty in the unfortunate homicide. Rosa confessed that he got in a fight with Devone McCray over a Game Boy that was stolen from a party a couple weeks before. Rosa ended up stabbing McCray in the chest with a knife.

John was given a manslaughter charge and 66 months in prison. McCray’s mother is not very happy to say the least but what mother would be?

“I want you to think real hard about what you took away from me, over a video game,” she shouted at Rosa. “I hope you suffer.”

McCrary was killed six days before his birthday.

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