iPad 2 & iOS 4.3 to be simultaneously released by Apple on February 9, say reports: Is Jobs planning on Stealing the spotlight from MWC 2011?

February 7, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

There are so many rumors that are doing rounds regarding the Apple iPad 2 currently that it is sometimes getting hard to separate fact from fiction. But when the news comes from a few reliable sources all working independently that point to the same event, then there is bound to be some reality to it attached. Many analysts close to Apple’s development programs are suggesting that both the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 could be out the same day and a few of those sources are speculating that the launch could be just a couple of days away!

Are we just a couple of days away from the official launch of the Apple iPad 2 and the iOS 4.3 final version? Is February 9th indeed the big day when Apple will pull the cover off of its iPad 2? It is hard to believe that we are already so close to the event, but knowing Apple and how they love to steal the spotlight (or ruin the event, depends on the way you see it)from every major launch event, this could be well true.

We are tempted to go along with the date simply because the Mobile World Congress is only a few days after that and if the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 come before the event and the White iPhone after the event, very little that is unraveled during the MWC could stay as the main attraction long enough. Now we all know how much Steve Jobs loves to show the planet that Apple’s events are ‘The Events’ and everything else is second.

So while we are still awaiting any news that confirms this speculation, the truth still remains that both the iPad 2 and the iOS 4.3 final version for public use are set for release sooner than later.

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