Microsoft Word 2010: Focus on the Document

February 6, 2011, By Christian Cawley

There are many ways in which you can use Microsoft Word – you might right a few notes down for a meeting, or create a script for a play – and as such there are many benefits you can gain from shutting out the pointless fluff of toolbars and formatting options when what you really want to do is focus on the task at hand.

Finishing a Microsoft Word document without adding formatting and other visual enhancements would be impossible, of course, but by removing the tools that allow this you can concentrate on the writing and return to the document later on after spellchecking and revising it in order to then add the expected bold type, format headings, etc.

What follows are a few suggestions for maximising the amount of screen real estate that Microsoft Word 2010 takes up in order for you to focus as much as possible on the document. While these methods work fine on a standard landscape-format monitor, they can be particularly useful if you have a facility to alter the orientation of your display device into portrait view.

Display Microsoft Word 2010 document in full screen

Microsoft Word – Easy Toolbar-Free Document View

The quickest and easiest way to rid Microsoft Word 2010 of unnecessary toolbars and functions is to use the built-in ribbon menu minimizing function.

By taking advantage of this you can quickly get rid of the ribbon menu and the various tools it provides while retaining the standard Print Layout view. All you need to do then is maximise the Word window to take full advantage of the extra space.

To Minimize the ribbon, press CTRL + F1, click the small chevron below the Minimize/Maximize/Exit buttons or just double-click any of the ribbon menu tabs. This will deliver a good extra inch of screen space to your document, and is just as useful a command for netbook users with small displays as it is to those of us with larger desktop monitors.

Toggle Full-Screen View in Microsoft Word 2010

If the method above isn’t enough and you really want to go hardcore with your desktop displaying 100% Microsoft Word document with no toolbars or other applications, you can access the full screen mode.

Begin by going to the Quick Access toolbar in the top left of the screen – this is where you will see the Save and Undo buttons – and click the down arrow, choosing More Commands…. In the Choose commands from: drop down menu, select Commands not in the ribbon and in the list that appears below, look for Toggle Full Screen View; a quick way of finding this in quite a busy list is to left-click any item in the column and tap T on your keyboard to jump to the commands beginning with that letter.

When you have found the command, select it and click Add to populate the Quick Access toolbar with the Toggle Full Screen View button. Click the button to view your Word document; you can close the view by pressing ESC!

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