Video Games Funded by Fans!

February 5, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Getting a video game developed can be a lot of trouble – unless you are multi-talented and self-sufficient, the game will more than likely take years, with a few lines of code written each evening, characters slowly designed and rendered, background scenery and world’s laboriously built, all for free.

Video games funded by fans!

It isn’t exactly conducive to a successful project, which is why it’s pretty cool that the recently-launched has helped one developer to reach their target for funding the game Expedition: The New World, while another is close to reaching the required $3000 for bringing Cardinal Quest to life.

Naturally, these are indie titles, and while crowd funding is nothing new in the world of video games, 8-Bit Funding has clearly hit the right notes and managed to create the same sort of buzz that created for independent artists and musicians.

Without this type of funding, given the current state of PC and console gaming many gaming genres (and even franchises) could quite easily run out of steam and fall into a rut. Given gaming’s current similarity to Hollywood and the problems the movie industry experienced in the late 1960s and early 1970s, this could easily happen without plenty of variation and the presence of new blood.

Sites like provide this, and we can all do our bit if we find a game there that we like the look of.

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