Start Gaming for Cash with Playhem!

February 5, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Ever fancied playing online games with your friends for cash? A new website,, makes this possible!

Gaming for cash with Playhem!

Now in open beta, Playhem allows gamers to sign up via Facebook Connect and invite friends into private tournaments, using the system’s technology to verify game results and manage the secure transfer of funds – or for the less brave hearted, points. Cash challenges can be as little as $1, while points can be collected to exchange for prizes.

Any concerns about abuse of the system meanwhile should be allayed by the close monitoring of full-time community managers and statistical software is incorporated into Playhem to watch out for irregularities, presumable keeping an eye out for criminal activities such as money laundering.

With the link in to Facebook providing a useful single sign-in feature, Playhem also lets players track friends and form custom tournaments with the current open beta roster of titles including FIFA ’11, NHL ’11, and Madden NFL ’11, with NCAA Football ’11 coming soon. Playhem’s expanded list will be announced in the coming weeks, with fighting games, FPS titles and driving games set to join the online gaming challenge network!

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