Opera 11 – Using Speed Dial and Bookmarks

February 5, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’re trying Opera 11 for the first time, you need to be aware of the interesting new user interface tool that the developers have added, Mouse Gestures, which will help you to take advantage of your mouse as a more effective browsing tool and save strain on the wrist of your mouse hand over time.

Newcomers to Opera 11 meanwhile, will be interested to know how the browser uses bookmarks, and how these can be managed.

There are two main elements to bookmarks in Opera 11 – Speed Dial and Manage Bookmarks. These two tools can help you to arrange your favourite webpages with the minimum of fuss, allowing you to spend more time browsing.

Opera 11 - Speed Dial and Bookmarks

Speed Dial in Opera 11

As with previous versions of Opera (and seen in Google Chrome and Safari) a new tab will open the Speed Dial page, a list of between 4 and 25 (this is configurable, see below) regularly-visited web page thumbnails.

When you first use the browser, the Speed Dial page will be populated with some of the world’s most popular websites, but as you use the browser more and more it will add the pages that you use so that you can quickly load them up when opening a new tab.

Organizing the Speed Dial thumbnails is easy. You can click an empty thumbnail placeholder to add a URL or select from any recently visited webpages and just as easily you can delete the thumbnail by clicking the X in the lower right corner. Thumbnails can also be rearranged by left-click and drag, and the pages can be opened by pressing CTRL+ the number of the speed dial thumbnail webpage you want to open.

Some advanced controls of the Speed Dial screen are also available. Via the Configure Speed Dial button you can set a Background image for the page, as well as use the Enable background image checkbox to leave the background plain.

Meanwhile you can change the Speed Dial layout from anything between Small (2×2) and Extra Large (5×5), or if you would prefer a blank tab, you can Hide Speed Dial. Remember to click OK after making any of these changes.

Manage Bookmarks in Opera 11

Adding and managing bookmarks in Opera 11 is possible via several means. To add a new page as a bookmark, right-click and select Bookmark Page…, press CTRL+D or go to Menu > Bookmarks > Bookmark Page…; you will then be able to enter a name, description and select which folder the bookmarked page will appear in.

To access you bookmarks, either use Menu > Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks or use the Panels button in the bottom left of the browser to make the Bookmarks button visible on the left hand side. From the Bookmarks window you can open any page that you have saved as a favourite bookmark, while the Manage Bookmarks allows you to drag and drop websites into new folders, create new folders, check the Properties of a bookmark (for checking the correct page is linked to) and even export your favourites and import those from another browser.

Potentially a more powerful set of bookmark management tools than you will find on any other browser!

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