Super Street Fighter IV 3D Clip

February 4, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One of the key titles for the Nintendo 3DS is Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition which takes the popular console game and shrinks it down into just a few inches of awesome.

Super Street Fighter IV 3DS video clip

Featuring 35 playable playable characters, bonus stages and superb cinematic style ultra combo moves, the game even lets you play online, battling friends around the world via Wi-Fi! Just as cool, if you don’t fancy playing you can watch your friends fight it out from the sidelines!

Meanwhile the game takes advantage of the Nintendo 3DS’s ability to display 3D by offering an over-the-shoulder camera option that transforms the game into an awesome first person, 3D fighting experience!

You might already be aware of the StreetPass feature of the Nintendo 3DS, and Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition takes advantage of this by engaging combat between your chosen figurines and those of another 3DS user that you might pass in the street!

Finally the game also caters for new and veteran players, with different controller methods available for different styles of play…

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition looks set to be one of the key titles for the Nintendo 3DS, and certainly fits the bill as a big title that takes advantage of the platform’s unique abilities!

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