Windows Mobile Outsells Windows Phone 7

February 3, 2011, By Christian Cawley

You might find it hard to believe but it’s true – Windows Mobile really did outsell Windows Phone 7 in the US during the last quarter of 2010, according to stats released by NPD Group.

Did Windows Mobile outsell Windows Phone 7?

Questioning over 18s who purchased a mobile device in this period, the figures indicate that Windows Phone 7 reached 2% of the market, compared with 4% for Windows Mobile.

On the face of it, that doesn’t look too good – but then, the figures don’t tell the full story. While Windows Phone 7 launched in the UK during October, it was mid-November before the platform was available on new phones in the USA. In addition, Windows Mobile, while not a successful brand when sold bare, has been featured on many handsets which mobile suppliers and stockists will rather sell than return. HTC have been one of the biggest supporters of Windows Mobile and with their popular range of devices single-handedly managed to increase the platform’s lifespan, adding UI enhancements and custom apps, usable software keyboards and more.

Corporate use is another thing altogether, and indeed figures for both platforms could be higher.

The most interesting thing about this is how it balances with the reported 2 million devices that Microsoft have shipped to suppliers; because basically, it doesn’t balance.

Ultimately, Microsoft know that in building the Windows Phone 7 user base they are effectively starting from scratch, but as we’ve already seen, there is no way that they will allow the platform to fail.

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