Watch the complete Google Android Event: Honeycomb, Xoom, Android Marketplace Webstore and a lot more (YouTube Video Inside)

February 3, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The Google Android event has not really been low on profile, but compared to some of the bigger events that have taken place in the last month and are set to unfold this month, it seems that the event has got a bit lost in the pack. Not that people are uninterested in the Xoom and Honeycomb events, but it seems at times the leaks have taken the sting out of the show. But if you want to put the reviews away and just look at it in entirety, then here is the video for you.

There are many who described the thing as a whole Xoom & Honeycomb affair, but the real big news for us is the Android Marketplace Webstore announcement. Google was interested in telling the world about the cloud services from this platform and how Smartphones and tablets would gain from it.

So you can now purchase Android Marketplace apps from your desktop and you can transfer in seconds onto your mobile or tablet. Then there is the launch of Honeycomb, Xoom demo and how Honeycomb performed on Xoom. Do watch the thing if you love the Android OS and let us know what you think of the event.

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