Vodafone Egypt forced to send pro-government messages: Twitter network filled with screenshots of forced messages from the carrier

February 3, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

In another shocking revelation that comes from Egypt on the communications front, Vodafone Egypt have revealed that they were forced to send ‘pro-government’ messages from their network to all their users by the authorities in charge. The statement comes from Vodafone Group PLC after people grabbed the screenshots of these messages and put them up on Twitter.

In another attempt to curb free communication and use technology to their advantage (and may we say, a failed one) the government in Egypt impose the emergency laws under its Telecom Acts to force Vodafone to send messages to users that glorified and supported those in power. This after Egypt was cutoff from the internet map of the planet just days earlier.

While initially the government closed down the Vodafone network, they wanted it back up and running to send these messages. Vodafone say that they have registered a protest in this regard, but stronger ones have fallen on deaf ears in the past couple of weeks in Egypt. Another manipulative use of carriers and the technology available, to ensure that those in power stay there no matter what!

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