Verizon iPhone 4 Review points to same old AT&T iPhone 4 on new carrier: Pre-Sale starts at 3AM EST, February 3rd while Apple, Verizon stores start sales Feb 10th

February 3, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

When we say that it is the ‘same old AT&T’ mobile but now on a new carrier, we do acknowledge that there are the obvious few tweaks to make it ‘Verizon Wireless’ compatible and there is nothing wrong in that at all. The iPhone 4 on AT&T was the one that Verizon customers loved and wanted on their network and they have no got or rather will in a matte of days. So what do reviews say about the new Verizon iPhone 4?

The Verizon iPhone 4 is available as part of pre-sale starting 3AM EST on February 3rd and that means that the big event is only a few hours away. The Pre-Sale is meant only for existing Verizon consumers and that seems an appropriate way to reward loyalty and what could be years of waiting for the iPhone to land up on their preferred carrier. Others who wish to get in will have to wait till February 9 for signing up on a Verizon iPhone 4 contract online.

Then on the morning of February 10 7AM, the doors of Apple and Verizon stores will open up for you to get the iPhone 4 from the stores. So what do various initial reviews about the Verizon iPhone 4 say? The verdict seems to be that it is the same AT&T iPhone 4 that people so badly wanted on another carrier and is not cutting edge next-gen Apple iPhone.

The Review:

It seems Apple have reserved their innovation for later in the year for maybe the iPhone 5. The Verizon iPhone 4 surely has a better call quality and less dropped and interrupted calls compared to the one on AT&T. This was one of the reasons people clamored for the iPhone 4 on Verizon and AT&T could pay huge price for not listening to the consumers enough. There might be still some broken connection issues and a few calls dropped, but it still is way better.

You can also not browse the net on your iPhone 4 simultaneously when on a call and if you are using your new Verizon iPhone 4 for net usage, then it will have to be put on hold while you are on a call. The Data transfer rate is also seemingly slower than on AT&T with upload and downloads not hitting the same peaks. But there is no breakage and the entire process is seamless offering you a nice experience.

There is the personal Hotspot feature that is simple and easy enough to set-up and use. There is international roaming that is promised on the CDMA in 40 countries, but if you planning on crossing the border we suggest you look for more reliable options. Data Plans also seem to be pretty much in line with what Verizon offers for other Smartphone users.

In short, it seems a unanimous verdict from everyone that this is what the Verizon customers wanted and they have now got it. No complaints and nothing to disappoint you.

So, buying the new Verizon iPhone 4? Jumping from AT&T? Are you happy to shift from poor AT&T services to Verizon?

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