Verizon Apple iPhone 4 Pre-orders Sold Out; Carrier Releases New iPhone TV Ad (Video)

February 3, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Yesterday, we had reported when the pre-orders for the Verizon version of the Apple iPhone 4 had begun. Now, it appears that the carrier and Apple have run out of iPhone pre-orders for existing Verizon customers.

Those who were a bit late to place their orders for the much anticipated device have been told to come back at 3AM on February 9 to pre-order at the same time as everyone else.

The single day sell-out is proof on the popularity of the CDMA iPhone. For a few hours of the day, the demand for the device was so intense that the carrier’s servers buckled under the sheer amount of activity.

February 9 is going to be one busy day for the carrier. If you are someone who didn’t get to place an order yesterday, you better be early on the 9th.

Although Verizon promised that the launch of the iPhone 4 will be flawlessly executed, it expressed concern that the initial supply of the device may be limited.

Meanwhile, Verizon has released a new 30 second TV ad that calls on the company’s famous “can you hear me now?” spokesman to grab the iPhone and make a call.

The video focuses on Verizon’s regularly touted advantage of a much wider 3G coverage than AT&T. Check it out and you can comment about it below.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Verizon iPhone.

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