Speedball 2 to Hit iPhone

February 3, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Retro gaming fun hits iOS devices this month as classic 16-bit title Speedball 2 makes its way into the App Store!

Speedball 2: Evolution for iOS

The classic Bitmap Brothers title has been given a suitable upgrade by Vivid Games in association with veteran John Hare and the new title, Speedball 2: Evolution, reflects the updated gameplay, innovative controls, brutal multiplayer and slick graphics.

For the uninitiated, Speedball owes a lot to the classic 1970s movie roller ball – the game is similar and centres around some American Football-style tactics with the aim to plant a metal ball in the opposition’s goal. This is violent mayhem that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Paul Verhoeven movie (such as Total Recall or Robocop), and offers hour up hour of entertainment.

In addition to updated visuals, Speedball 2: Evolution features two alternative control systems. Players can choose from the classic, soft joypad replicating the controls of the original and a new, innovative motion-sensitive, tilt-to-move option.

John Hare reckons this is the best version of Speedball 2 since the original (the game was ported to many formats from the original Amiga 500 release) and the game certainly looks the part. The price and launch date are yet to be finalised, so keep your i open!

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