Nokia Urged Towards Windows Phone 7

February 3, 2011, By Christian Cawley

It might seem an unusual decision, but could Nokia really be considering delivering handsets to consumers running the Windows Phone 7 operating system?

Ahead of the Mobile Word Congress, analysts are urging the Finnish mobile phone giants to do exactly that as they introduce the MeeGo mobile platform, which to all intents and purposes looks like they’re wasting smartphone specs on feature phone functionality.

According to analyst Adnaan Ahmad, Nokia’s issues breaking the US market and Windows Phone 7’s position behind the Android pack should be reason enough for the two giants to lock horns. This makes sense, and is something that has been rumoured for some months now, with Nokia supposedly weighing up their options ahead of a decision between Windows Phone and Android.

Dropping Symbian completely might be something Nokia doesn’t want to commit to – after all, considerable development has gone into the platform over the years. But a replacement or considerable upgrade is required, and by combining Nokia’s experience at mass-producing quality mobile handsets and Microsoft’s new found ability to create a usable mobile platform the two giants might just manage to make an impressive comeback in the market.

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