iPad 2 at The Daily Launch; Apple’s Way of Adding Excitement to the Hype

February 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You might have heard by now that the new NewsCorp digital newspaper, christened The Daily, saw itself being launched in New York some time ago. Much more than The Daily, it seems another gadget made more news at the launch venue.  Excited? Read on!

The device that gave attendees a sneak peek was nothing other than the next generation iPad – yeah, the Apple iPad 2 indeed. A working model, as a Reuters report  mentions, of the device was seen sporting a front-facing camera at the top edge of the glass display real estate.

Interesting is the piece of info, right? We have all been waiting with bated breath to see what the iPad 2 would look like. Not just the Apple fans, almost every one out there are looking forward to playing with the device.

What’s even more exciting is the way Apple tries to push up the hype over its upcoming tablet. The company has managed to let a few details leak out and thereby make the tech press go abuzz. Now, with the peek offered during The Daily Launch, excitement has started accelerating.

And, to add to this is the confirmation that the device does exist (as if we do not know!) by a “source with knowledge of the device”.  We are now looking at the official unveiling of the iPad 2 , and we feel its going to happen in a few months from now.

The specs that were revealed at New York are just the tip of the iPad 2 iceberg. Lots more are to be seen. As part makers have already revealed, the device will have two cameras, with one in the front and one in the rear that will let us all make video calls.

Apple, we are waiting to hear more from you! In the meanwhile, let’s watch this video that we managed to lay our hands on when the CES 2011 was in session.

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