Bing Cheats in Class, Google Complains to Miss

February 2, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Despite a recent lull following the initially successful launch of Bing, the search engine wars entered a new chapter today when it emerged that Google had ensnared Microsoft’s Bing team in an elaborate sting operation.

Bing and Google clash over search resultsWhile you could barely create a movie about it, the idea is simple. Google added a nonsensical search term to its index and associated it with a particular, randomly chosen website, only to find out that the same search result ended up on Bing a few days later.

So – did Bing copy from Google? Has Bing been spidering Google rather than forums, Twitter and various news websites? Or is the search engine using the Bing Search toolbar or Internet Explorer to record searches?

If the latter, this might explain some of the unusual “phone home” behaviour seen in Windows 7 since its launch…

The answer is currently unclear. Microsoft and Bing are denying any wrongdoing while Google make their usual song and dance about having their property copied while providing a means to every software pirate in the world to find exactly what they’re looking for.

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