XNA 4.0 – Why Windows Phone Cannot Fail

February 1, 2011, By Christian Cawley

There is one simple reason why Windows Phone 7 cannot – will not – fail, and that reason is Microsoft’s XNA development framework.

Windows Phone's success lies with XNA 4.0

The most remarkable thing about the framework is that it is used to develop games for all of Microsoft’s compatible hardware – Windows PC, Xbox 360 and now Windows Phone 7 – which means that the future of each of these platforms is now inextricably linked.

Aaron Reed (a tutor from Neumont University in .NET, web development and web services, XNA, systems design and architecture and a few other things) is the author of a new development title from O’Reilly Media, Learning XNA 4.0, and his enthusiasm for the framework and its possibilities is obvious.

“The gaming industry is booming and continues to grow. With hardware advances being made daily and the push toward mobile devices becoming more powerful and interactive, the industry is as exciting as ever.”

The strength of XNA has already been seen on Xbox 360 and so far has only been hinted at on Windows Phone 7. With integration with Xbox LIVE and capable of running standalone and independent titles, the release of new games titles is expected to mushroom in the next 12 months as developers take the opportunity to deploy new and rescaled titles for Windows Phone 7.

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