Something fishy in Call of Duty: Black Ops’ new zombie map

February 1, 2011, By Christian Davis

The First Strike DLC is now available for all Xbox 360 owners. Along with 4 fun and diverse multiplayer maps the map pack also comes with a brand new zombie map called Ascension.

The zombie map is set in a Russian science compound plagued with zombie scientists, guards, and zombie monkeys of course. You start off inside a science facility hearing someone asking for your aide. Like normal Call of Duty zombie fashion, you will have to make your way outside to a more open fight area instead of  being overwhelmed.

While playing around I was able to uncover the Gersh Device(black hole bomb) from the mystery box and was having a lot of fun killing zombies with it. In a combination of being over ran and sloppy aim I accidentally shot my black hole gun at a flickering generator that is outside of the map and it sucked up the generator.

The voice heard at the beginning of the game returned and said “You’ve done it! Now it needs as much power as possible. Hurry, she’s getting nearer.” immediately after the generator was engulfed.

Don’t know what I did, but it seems that I found some sort of easter egg. The flickering generator is to the right of this Russian A symbol(shown above). It’s possible that this is part of a series of easter eggs that will lead to something big.

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