Discretion RPG for Android

February 1, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’re going cold turkey over Zenonia or any other Android RPG, Discretion might just have arrived at the right time for you.

Discretion RPG for Android

Released by Red Sky Forge, the game features an extremely stylized in-game 3D world with 10 different zones and a user interface designed for mobile gaming. Designed with multiple endings, the “mature” storyline takes you on a compelling journey through this pseudo-Medieval world, kicking off in the court of King Assam.

The plot of the game seems to centre around a power-struggle for the kingdom of Assam, left open to takers by King Assam’s protracted war against the neighbouring Kingdom of Denia.

Discretion features the usual RPG fare and is available from the Android Market (just search for “Discretion”). The game is available for $5.00 or as a free limited trial – and it looks a bit like this:

It certainly presents an unusual picture, but first impressions are that this is a particularly playable RPG set in an interesting world. While it might lack the charm of Zenonia or any other mobile RPG, Discretion nevertheless provides another gaming option for Android.

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