Call of duty: Black Ops First Strike Map Pack with Ascension set for Xbox 360 Users (Release time & compatibility details inside)

February 1, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Staying up all night for the Black Ops First Strike Map Pack? All set with the $15 or the 1200 Microsoft Points for the First Strike DLC? We just have found out that Treyarch’s Community Manager Josh Olin has tweeted about the release time of the Pack and your wait is set to end in a mere matter of hours. Exactly when? Dig in…

This is what the tweet from Josh Olin says:

”Drops 2AM-ish, Pacific Standard Time. I’ll be tweeting all night so if you’re staying up for it, you won’t miss it! =)”

So, its is definitely not more than a couple of hours or so away and you will be able to not just enjoy the First strike Map Pack, but the new zombie map called Ascension, with brand new weapons and perks will be all yours. But a word of caution from the sources is that you need to pick the DLC pack that is compatible with your disc.

So, for all the users ensure that the language on your pack is “English”, in case your disc comes with the same language. While it might seem a minor point, the First Strike Map Pack in a different language will not work, or so we hear.

So, wait for the release update (which you will get here) and enjoy Black Ops with whole new collection of multiplayer maps. Up for the DLC?

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