Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Map Pack Released and out in the open for Xbox 360 Users (First Look)

February 1, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

You have been waiting for the first DLC pack for some time now and COD: Black Ops will be thrilled to find out now that the Black Ops First Strike Map Pack is now indeed out and it there are many who have dug into it already. If you have waited all night long for the DLC Pack, then you sure are probably still going at it in full fury.

We did report earlier that the First Strike Map Pack would be available at 2 AM Pacific Standard Time and that was thanks to a timely tweet fro Josh Olin, Treyarch Community Manager. That is more or less when the pack was out and for those who are still unaware of it, you can swap 1200 Microsoft Points or pay $15 or the pack.

The Pack has maps Kowloon, Stadium, Discovery, and Berlin Wall and from early reviews and what we are hearing around, we can tell you that the $15 that you spend on the pack is worth every penny. The multiplayer game pack now on offer is only out on Xbox 360 and for those on PCs and the PS#, the wait will have to go on a bit further.

Reports point to a March DLC release for PS3 and PC COD: Black Ops owners and while they are left waiting Xbox users can enjoy Double-XP Weekend starting this Friday and lasting till midnight Sunday (So it is all Black Ops this weekend!)

Share your thoughts on the DLC Pack and Stay tuned for a more detailed early review…

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